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Travel Records of West Yunnan:LiJiang

D6:Ancient Town of LiJiang 

I never went to Lijiang, and don't wanna go there too. Except an over-commercialization ancient town, I don't know what there has. But i had to go there at last, and take the train to a town,named GuangTong, then turn a train to PanZhiHua.

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Travel Records of West Yunnan:DeQin

D3:Meri Snow Mountain,Trekking in Yubeng

There has two way to YuBeng Village, one way is accross NiNon Village near by  Lancang River, another is XiDang spa.

Today was rain.

D4:ShengPu(Mystical Waterfall) 

D5:Shangri-La City

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Travel Records of West Yunnan:Shangri-La City

D1:Shangri-La City

In the bus to Shangri-La,from PanZhiHua

D2:Ganden Sumtseling Monastery—FeiLaiShi of DeQin

Ganden Sumtseling Monastery in Shangri-La City

FeiLaiShi of DeQin

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My First Time to DaHeiShan Mountain.

Live there four years ,but I never went to daheishan mountain. so


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